CONSTRUCTION of National Building Society’s (NBS) Sunset Villas’ 120 cluster housing project in Tynwald South Harare which is valued at over US$6 million will commence in June.

NBS Head of Marketing, Mildret Kujinga said the project housed on 5,99 hectares in a gated community was an integral part of the Society’s housing delivery strategy and fulfilment of its mandate, in line with National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1).

“Sustained investment in the provision of affordable housing, both promptly and profitably, is the cornerstone of the NBS strategic vision.  This project demonstrates our ongoing commitment to increasing the supply of quality homes to the nation’s citizens,” she said.

After completion, Sunset Villas will have two- and three-bedroom units.  Construction will be done in two phases with the first phase delivering 40 units.  The whole project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. 

Commenting on the joint venture between NBS and Naldline Trading Private Limited, which has been a catalyst for this project, Kujinga said: “The Society’s success within the housing space has been cemented through concerted efforts from all stakeholders, particularly Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).”

“Collaborations in projects such as these have enhanced our capabilities and innovation for the ultimate benefit of prospective homeowners.  PPs speak to improved operational efficiencies in the provision of public services which is crucial in the delivery of the NBS affordable housing mandate,” she said

Through the Sunset Villas development, NBS is also pursuing its broad plan for greater innovation in housing.  Thus, the choice of construction methods will ensure water efficiency and reduction of waste.  In addition, the clusters will support modern living, through the design of the units and the provision of family-friendly amenities and spaces.

The completion of the Sunset Villas project will add a meaningful number of new units to the national housing stock, with continued contribution towards the Government’s efforts to reduce the housing backlog.  Sunset Villas is one of many housing projects that have been undertaken by the NBS since its inception six years ago.

“Our focus remains on providing affordable housing finance solutions to the country’s citizens.  We remain steadfast in utilising resources at our disposal, including financial expertise and PPP arrangements, to deliver affordable and sustainable housing projects that meet the needs of Zimbabwean home seekers.  Housing can contribute substantially to economic development and NBS stands ready to do right by the nation,” said Kujinga.