National Building SocietyLimited (“NBS”) is a Registered Building Society under the Building Society Act chapter 24:20. The Society was set up with the sole mandate of contributing to the National Housing stock and in support of the Zimbabwean Government Zim-Asset and Financial Inclusion programmes.  NBS is the brain child of the Zimbabwean National Social Security Authority (NSSA) and a result of an investment through the National Pensions Scheme (NPS) fund and the  Workers Compensation Insurance Fund. Through its solid capital base and support structure,NBS is poised to  be the  market  leader in the provision and facilitation  for affordable housing developments. NBS will  continue to aggressively grow market share in this focus area through a client- centric selling approach coupled with the cross and up- selling of other products and services offered by its strategic partners and shareholder NSSA. NBS will continuously pursue innovative channels in the delivery of service to its client with a fundamental focus on enabling convenience and affordability.  The NBS business structure is geared towards creation of a one-stop-shop financial powerhouse through the wide array of products and services.


Preferred provider of affordable housing and financial services by 2030.


To provide inclusive and affordable housing and financial solutions for individuals, public and private sector.


  • Commitment – We are honest and dedicated to exceeding customer needs.
  • Courage – We are bold, inspired and resourceful.
  • Creativity – We continuously innovate to deliver value and services.
  • Care – We are helpful to everyone and each other.