NBS Values Our Employees

A company’s most valuable asset are our employees. At National Building Society (NBS) we recognise this and as such invest in our people by providing them the best possible environment for personal development.

This recognition and commitment to staff welfare is premised on the understanding the value of our employee’s knowledge and productivity. All intangible assets such as patents, copyrights, intellectual property, brands, trademarks, and R&D are created by people. Therefore, people matter most to our business. They are the most essential contributors toward shareholder value.

In today’s continuously changing business world, it is human assets, not the fixed or tangible assets that differentiate us as an organization from our competitors. The knowledge economy distinguishes us especially from others. Hence, at NBS we focus on our people.

Why we value our employees?

Employees champion our business and determine its success or failure. The work they do determines what customers and partners see, so it’s important for us to treat our employees with the value they bring. Employees leading an organization might be able to be replaced physically, but their skillsets and knowledge can’t be. This is because each person hired brings a different set of skills to the table even though the job yields the same set of skills. It is reported that the skillset of employees’ accounts for 85 percent of a company’s assets. Therefore, employee efficiency and talent determine the pace and growth of an organization.

NBS seeks to recognise the value of our employees we seek opportunities to praise them accordingly. This includes acknowledging their knowledge, expertise, abilities, skillsets, and experience. These are all invaluable and intangible assets for securing our vibrant future. We believe that when our employees feel valued, they will gladly compete in the race and beat the competition.