We are pleased to advise the introduction of our NBS Funeral Cash Plan (FCP).  This insurance product gives peace of mind by providing an immediate lump sum cash payout upon the death of a beneficiary. 

You can get USD1,000 tax-free paid out within 24 hours of notifying us of the death of a beneficiary, irrespective of the cause of death.  What’s more, there are no restrictions on how you use the money, for example, to buy groceries, to cover hospital bills, to purchase a tombstone or to pay school fees and rentals.

The launch of our NBS FCP is set to empower people to prepare for the future, whether you are an NBS client or non-account holder.  There are no medical requirements to be met to sign-up for this product, which is offered in partnership with Fidelity Life Assurance.  Cover starts from USD1 per month, per person and it is instant, upon payment of premiums. 

The product is also flexible, offering beneficiaries the option to get Funeral Services from Fidelity Life Funeral Services, at affordable rates, in lieu of the cash payout.  In addition, when needed, there is a grace period for non-payment of premiums.

The NBS FCP empowers by preparing for life’s eventualities. 

National Building Society (NBS) is on an aggressive drive to ensure financial inclusion for all Zimbabweans across the country.  We are taking our brand to the people, giving individuals and businesses access to appropriate, affordable, and timely financial solutions. 

Banking On The Wheels is being conducted as a roadshow, with NBS visiting the homes, business spaces, and social areas of target beneficiary groups.   People can expect exciting engagements, including live musical and dancing performances.  Over and above this, we are giving valuable information about NBS to the public and educating people on the various ways that we can put a roof over your head.  Prospective customers can also open bank accounts, such as the NBS Insta-Save with no frills, the Ahoyi for tertiary students and the Easy Transact for civil servants.  What’s more, there are fantastic prizes to be won!

NBS is especially targeting Zimbabweans in the informal sector, civil servants, students, and low-income earners.  Therefore, Banking On The Wheels has been activated in areas such as Mbare, Chitungwiza and Highfields in Harare as well as in the Central Business Districts of Bulawayo, Mutare and Gweru.  All the activations are taking place in high-traffic areas throughout the country, namely by healthcare facilities, within industrial areas, and at farms – in the Lowveld NBS currently has a team operating.  

Look out for the buzz and opportunities available when NBS Banking On The Wheels comes to your area.

Over the past weekend, the 2023 Interbank Games were in full swing and the National Building Society (NBS) fielded several teams in an array of sports disciplines, including football, volleyball, athletics, pool, and lots more, during an epic event that saw bankers interacting with each other in friendly rivalry.

Employees took time out to showcase their athletic prowess and lifted the NBS flag high. The teams demonstrated high-energy and played commendably, with the pool and chess teams deserving special recognition for their remarkable performances.

The action was also intense as supporters gave their colleagues encouraged and after the sporting activities, staff got to socialise and enjoy the festivities. On and off the field, NBS displayed great spirit as a single team, with a single mission and soul.

It is here; our exciting and improved NBS Hospital Cash plan (HCP)!

What is it?

This insurance package provides financial relief and peace of mind when one is hospitalized.

NBS account holders (employees and customers) can benefit from a USD cash payout when hospitalized following illness or an accident. 

In collaboration with Champions Insurance, the NBS HCP has been specifically designed to provide a lump sum cash payout upon hospitalization which is calculated daily and paid out to the insured person for the number of days spent in the hospital. 

What are the benefits?

The stress and anxiety that come with being admitted into the hospital is eased, knowing that for as little as USD1 per month, USD100 will be paid for each day spent in the hospital after the first 48 hours of admission.

You also get to:

  1. Use the daily cash payout as you wish, for example, for medical shortfalls.
  2. Register an unlimited number of dependants at any time, as long as you can afford it.
  3. Select the required daily hospital benefit for himself/herself and the registered dependants.

Having The Hospital Cash Plan will enable you to keep a healthy body and a healthy wallet!

The official launch of NBS Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) took place on Friday 5 May 2023. 

The launch involved a Golf Tournament during the day and a Cocktail later on, at which the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), Dr. J. P. Mangudya will be the Guest of Honour, ably represented by Mr. Phillip T. Madamombe, RBZ Director of Bank Supervision. 

The inauguration of our CIB Unit will provide a platform for business networking while firmly positioning NBS as a capable financial services provider with the capacity to deliver 360-degree solutions for blue-chip companies, parastatal institutions, and the government. 


By Austin Karonga


The National Building Society (NBS) is geared to firmly establish its presence within Kadoma by increasing responsiveness to the current needs of the market to bolster government’s housing delivery agenda and proffer unique financial services solutions too.

NBS arranged an intensive stakeholder engagement programme in the City of Gold where the financial institution sought primarily to understand the market fully and to derive customised solutions suitable for individuals, small businesses and even corporates.  These efforts are in response to Government’s targets set under the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) that go further to provide financial security through initiatives that speak to housing delivery and economic growth. 

The series of meetings in Kadoma by the bank was part of a broader national drive that has already seen similar engagements in major centres such as Bulawayo, Mutare and Masvingo, with senior officials of NBS interacting with key stakeholders. 

Addressing attendees of an interactive breakfast meeting, including captains of industry drawn from Kadoma and the surrounds, NBS Managing Director, Mr. Tapera Mushoriwa said that his institution is pursuing what he termed, “banking unusual” as part of the bank’s new mantra “Bank, Build & go Beyond” that will see the financial institution seeking a permanent foothold on the local market.

“Our aim is to paint Kadoma green by establishing a huge presence for NBS.  All along, in the past, we have been associated with building houses but now we are saying the bank is now much more, and able to offer more.  NBS is ready and willing to go beyond for the people and businesses of Kadoma.”

During the tour of Kadoma by the NBS delegation, several opportunities to add value were explored.  According to Mushoriwa these efforts were necessary for the financial institution to understand the market.

“As NBS aspires to ‘go Beyond’ we are saying that we want to bank everyone in their personal capacity, as we provide tailored products and services but moreover, we are saying, we can build your wealth in terms of growing businesses using bespoke solutions and generating value through social security investment.”

The financial institution has a wide range of offerings for Zimbabweans, suitable for all income groups, including those in the informal sector.  Being a state-owned bank, a salient objective is to engender social security which by extension requires the delivery of houses to put roofs over the heads of citizens.  Thus, the NBS delegation made time to visit some landbanks and project sites in Kadoma against plans to roll out housing developments in the city through partnerships with local authorities and private developers.