To Our Valued Customers and Stakeholders

As the year 2022 draws to an end, NBS management and staff wish to thank you, our esteemed customers and stakeholders, for your support and patronage over the year.  As we move forward into 2023 and embark on an exciting journey to bank, build and go beyond for Zimbabwe, we look forward to growing together with you through sustained collaboration and partnerships.

NBS Builders wish you a prosperous New Year!

The Commissioning Ceremony of our Dzivarasekwa (DZ) Housing Project was held on Monday 14 November 2022, and officiated by His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Dr. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa who was ably represented by the Minister of Defence and War Veterans Affairs Honourable Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri.

The event was graced by top government officials namely our Line Minister for Public Service, Labour, and Social Welfare, Honourable Professor Paul Mavima,  Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities, Honourable Daniel Garwe and Minister for Womens Affairs, Communities, Small and Medium Entreprises, Honourable Sithembiso Nyoni, NSSA Board and Executive Management to mention a few.

The Commissioning of our massive low-cost housing project, comprising of 500 units with different models, ranging from 1 roomed to 4 roomed houses and sitting on stands averaging 200 square metres in extent marked a momentous victory for NBS.

The DZ project boasts fully surfaced roads and, complete sewer and water works.  Also, Council has issued the requisite approvals to enable occupation of the housing units by our esteemed clients.  The Compliance Certification process is at an advanced stage which will soon be followed by the issuance of title. 

To date NBS has delivered close to 2,000 housing units across the breath of Zimbabwe, which is a long way from the first 85 units we were involved in at Adelaide Park Harare in 2016, a mere seven months after our operations began in 2016. 

We relay sincere appreciation to every that has been involved and has contributed in some way to enable the completion and commissioning of the Dz Project.  To our clients, partners, and stakeholders, thank you for the unrelenting support without which it would not have been possible to reach our collective dream with the delivery of these houses. 

As NBS, we are determined to do our part in Zimbabwe’s housing delivery sector.  For as long as there is NBS, you can be assured that for our people we will bank, build, and go beyond. 

National Building Society (NBS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Tapera Mushoriwa as the Managing Director effective August 2022.  We wish him every success as he takes NBS to new heights.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of
Mr. Tapera Mushoriwa, as the Managing Director of the National Building
Society effective August 2022.

Tapera is a seasoned business executive and banker with close to two
decades of experience in the financial services sector, having worked with
various institutions locally, regionally and globally. His wealth of expertise
covers Corporate, Retail and Digital banking with a special emphasis on
Fintech products and services.

A holder of a Master of Business Administration and BSc Hons in Computer
Science, among other qualifications, Tapera brings strategic thinking,
inspirational leadership, and business transformation to the Society. He is
married with three children and enjoys history and golf.
We wish him all the best in his new role.

By Order of the Board

CONSTRUCTION of National Building Society’s (NBS) Sunset Villas’ 120 cluster housing project in Tynwald South Harare which is valued at over US$6 million will commence in June.

NBS Head of Marketing, Mildret Kujinga said the project housed on 5,99 hectares in a gated community was an integral part of the Society’s housing delivery strategy and fulfilment of its mandate, in line with National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1).

“Sustained investment in the provision of affordable housing, both promptly and profitably, is the cornerstone of the NBS strategic vision.  This project demonstrates our ongoing commitment to increasing the supply of quality homes to the nation’s citizens,” she said.

After completion, Sunset Villas will have two- and three-bedroom units.  Construction will be done in two phases with the first phase delivering 40 units.  The whole project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. 

Commenting on the joint venture between NBS and Naldline Trading Private Limited, which has been a catalyst for this project, Kujinga said: “The Society’s success within the housing space has been cemented through concerted efforts from all stakeholders, particularly Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).”

“Collaborations in projects such as these have enhanced our capabilities and innovation for the ultimate benefit of prospective homeowners.  PPs speak to improved operational efficiencies in the provision of public services which is crucial in the delivery of the NBS affordable housing mandate,” she said

Through the Sunset Villas development, NBS is also pursuing its broad plan for greater innovation in housing.  Thus, the choice of construction methods will ensure water efficiency and reduction of waste.  In addition, the clusters will support modern living, through the design of the units and the provision of family-friendly amenities and spaces.

The completion of the Sunset Villas project will add a meaningful number of new units to the national housing stock, with continued contribution towards the Government’s efforts to reduce the housing backlog.  Sunset Villas is one of many housing projects that have been undertaken by the NBS since its inception six years ago.

“Our focus remains on providing affordable housing finance solutions to the country’s citizens.  We remain steadfast in utilising resources at our disposal, including financial expertise and PPP arrangements, to deliver affordable and sustainable housing projects that meet the needs of Zimbabwean home seekers.  Housing can contribute substantially to economic development and NBS stands ready to do right by the nation,” said Kujinga.

The National Building Society (NBS) recognizes the importance of sustainable and responsible business practices that benefit the communities in which we operate.  As a one-stop-shop financial powerhouse, the wide array of products and services offered are structured to provide value to our immediate clients and to society at large.  More specifically, brick by brick, we are determined to reach the pinnacle of home financing in the country, while having a positive impact on Zimbabweans. NBS will continue to leverage on its mortgage loan offering to improve lives of fellow citizens, and its standing in the local market for mortgage loans.  We recognise that homeownership plays a vital role in helping to build strong, stable communities. Our doors are open to serve you and deliver roofs over your heads

NATIONAL Building Society is rolling out a number of ground-breaking projects across Zimbabwe as it continues to deliver on its housing delivery mandate in line with National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1). 

The housing projects are spread across the country, and have begun selling.

NBS Head of Marketing, Mildret Kujinga, said the housing projects dovetails with the building society’s futuristic model of providing housing at different levels for everyone residing in Zimbabwe.

“NBS is driven by its vision to avail affordable housing promptly and profitably in the country.  With this in mind, the sustainability approach we have adopted for our projects seeks to develop resource-efficient in the building cycle. It is about meeting current needs by delivering the future of housing today,” she said.

Kujinga cited the Ramangwana / Elakusasa Mortgage as a pioneering initiative of the Society’s mission to make the dream of decent housing a reality.

She said research had revealed that there was increased desire for many Zimbabweans opting for retirement away from urban areas.  Thus, the imminent rollout of this project is set to transform segments of rural areas into fully fledged economic hubs by 2025.  The Ramangwana / Elakusasa Mortgage has been developed to provide affordable home solutions in Zimbabwe’s peri-urban and rural areas. 

“Another NBS project that is aligned to key housing trends is Sunset Villas.  The Society is facilitating the construction of 120 cluster houses in Tynwald in a gated community which will be completed later in 2022.  Affordability has been pivotal in the delivery of this development, with construction methods ensuring water efficiency and reduction of waste.  Sunset Villas also supports modern living, through the design of the units and the provision of family-friendly amenities and spaces,” Kujinga said.

The Society also prides itself on the adoption of eco-friendly features in its projects. Knockmalloch in Norton is ongoing and on completion, it will be a flagship development in this regard with the installation of solar energy solutions and a biodigester for the septic system.  Amongst other benefits, Knockmalloch will minimize the strain on electricity and sewer infrastructure while reducing utility bills for homeowners.

Going forward, NBS is set to roll out these and other projects, where the future of housing will continue to be shaped.  The delivery of incremental innovations in the housing space will be continual by the Society, given that people will continually change the requirements for their homes, according to their lifestyles. 

NBS said it was committed to thinking ahead as it participates in the building of houses and communities in this country. 

“What NBS will continue to do is to be on the forefront of transforming the housing space, inspired by the need for homes that meet ultra-modern requirements. Therefore, ours is to build the future today and so enhance the quality of life for fellow Zimbabweans”, Kujinga said.  

The crucial role that women play in modern society cannot be denied as powerful women play their part in the home, in the workforce and in the world, in an impactful and efficient manner.  In recognition of this, NBS offers women the golden opportunity to become homeowners.  This has caused great interest and excitement in the market in terms of housing delivery.  Furthermore, it is in line with the Society’s endeavour to break the bias around property ownership and rights to become the bank of choice for the women of Zimbabwe. 

We took a minute to talk to Miss Mildret Kujinga – Head of Marketing at the National Building Society (NBS) to discuss the exciting initiatives that the bank has this International Women’s Month around fostering empowerment and breaking the bias.

Q. Tell us about NBS’ Support for international Women’s Month 2022?

A. The National Building Society (NBS) believes in empowering the communities in which we operate.  As we celebrate women in the month of March we are saying ‘first for women’. NBS has put a disruptive strategy in place to reach out to women at different levels.  Based on our cultural belief that the woman makes the home “musha mukadzi”, NBS has taken the deliberate move to prioritise the women of Zimbabwe and extend mortgages and business financing on favourable terms in their honour. 

 Q. Can you share more on your exciting mortgages offer to ladies this Women’s Month?

A. As the leading provider of affordable home financing and a significant player in the housing delivery space, we want to empower the women of the country and help them to become homeowners.  There is no better way to celebrate women, this March and beyond.  This speaks to contributing to an end of women being marginalised in property ownership and property rights issues.  Moreover, it is about breaking the bias which is the theme of the 2022 International Women’s Day.

Q. You mentioned SMEs, please give us details on NBS’ attractive offer for women in business?

A. Research has shown that a lot of the SMEs in Zimbabwe are run by women.  Unfortunately, women are only venturing into small projects, such as selling vegetables and clothes.  NBS wants to change that narrative.  We believe that women are willing and able to start and operate construction and engineering companies or any other business that oversees major projects.  Thus, we are providing women with financial services opportunities to run well-established businesses that realise their full potential.

Q. How can Zimbabwean women take advantage of these empowering housing and business financing solutions from NBS?

A. Our Samora Machel Avenue branch has been set up as a financial inclusion and innovation hub.  This means that women from all walks of life can receive tailor made mortgages and business banking products and services.  By banking with NBS, getting a house is possible.  We have a variety of home financing offerings, such as the micro-mortgage and building finance.  Over and above this, we provide SME Silver, SME Gold and SME Platinum Accounts that can facilitate the growth of an income generating project into a big business. 

Q. In conclusion what is your message to Zimbabwean women this International Women’s Month?

A.NBS is committed to empowering our clients and the nation at large.  Thus, we are calling upon all Zimbabweans, especially the lovely women of this nation to become of a transformational and life changing journey.  Together we can build communities!

Happy International Women’s Month Zimbabwe!

THE NATIONAL Building Society (NBS) has announced two new partnerships with money transfer service providers ‘Shumba Money’ and ‘Mama Money’, as it continues to expand its portfolio of international remittance partners.

In a quest to serve Zimbabweans scattered across the globe and coming in to close the gap as the most convenient partner for foreign currency cash pick up, even in the last mile, NBS is strengthening its remittance footprint and synergies.

The new partnerships – which broaden NBS’ global coverage – are expected to provide more convenience to Zimbabweans in the diaspora as the Society has a natural mandate to bring those in the diaspora closer to home through its diverse housing delivery offering.

NBS has rolled-out remittances services in every branch and agency associated with the Society, ushering benefits beyond convenience.  A lot of innovative products can be enjoyed by both remitters and receivers, with an aim of preserving value for the hard-earned foreign currency, which is sure to meaningfully compliment the hard work of Zimbabweans living in the diaspora.

The bank has successful partnerships with WorldRemit, Small World and Senditoo, including new additions Shumba Money and Mama Money.

NBS head of marketing, Ms Mildret Kujinga, said the expansion of its remittances facilities ties in with its diaspora mortgages business; there is need to ensure that beneficiaries have the most secure touchpoints for service, especially senior citizens who have children in diaspora and who concurrently receive their pension pay-outs through the Society.

“According to official figures, diaspora remittances to Zimbabwe rose 43 percent last year to US$1,43 billion, from US$1 billion in 2020. In this regard, we are pleased to play our part by growing our remittance network and partnering leading international remittance companies.

“NBS is geared towards the creation of a one-stop-shop and financial powerhouse as it provides Zimbabweans abroad a facility to receive forex. We have seen a significant amount of the forex going towards servicing housing related loans,” said Ms Kujinga.

At a broader level, NBS is tying its expanding remittances network to its mission of ensuring housing delivery in the country.

Beyond providing affordable housing schemes, the building society also offers deluxe housing schemes for niche clients locally and also for Zimbabweans living in the diaspora.

The bank has also partnered a number of companies in the construction value chain that any mortgages client can tap into to enjoy affordable rates.

She added:

“We recently added Mama Money and Shumba Money, both of which have huge traffic and will help meet the demand for our trusted cash pick-up services.  We are working to bring more partners soon as we ensure diverse remittances choices for our clients.

“And for even more convenience for local remitters, we have a local instant cash transfer service – NBS Instant Cash – that has been exceptionally received within Zimbabwe and through which we serve significant numbers daily as they send or receive foreign currency, at a rate of just 3 percent,” added Ms Kujinga.