For sale – several NBS properties in possession at Stoneridge Park, which is located in Harare, near Hopely, in the vicinity of Irvine’s Chickens.

Details of the available properties appear in the table below:

DescriptionStand SizeNumber Available*Mortgage Selling Price*Cash Price (Discounted)
1.Vacant Stand200m23US$11,900.00US$9,350.00
2.Vacant Stand322m21US$19,159.00US$15,053.50
3.3 bedrooms (en suite)200m29US$37,800.00US$29,700.00
4.2 bedrooms200m22US$25,200.00US$19,800.00

*Prices do not include Value Added Tax (VAT).

Kindly note that water and electricity are yet to be connected at these properties.  Therefore, the Society is also offering the following loans to clients as part of the sales bundle:

(i) Solar Energy Loan Fund (SELF) for power supply and,

(ii) Sanitation Loan to access water.

Interested buyers can contact NBS using the details below: