On 7 June 2022, NBS in partnership with Seed Co and Lafarge delivered housing to beneficiaries of the Knockmalloch housing scheme in Norton. We relay profound Congratulations / Makorokoto /Amhlophe!  The National Building Society commits to continue opening doors for new landlords. 

Find out how you can benefit from NBS Employee Assisted Housing Schemes https://www.nbs.co.zw/mortgage-loans/.

The National Building Society (NBS) recognizes the importance of sustainable and responsible business practices that benefit the communities in which we operate.  As a one-stop-shop financial powerhouse, the wide array of products and services offered are structured to provide value to our immediate clients and to society at large.  More specifically, brick by brick, we are determined to reach the pinnacle of home financing in the country, while having a positive impact on Zimbabweans. NBS will continue to leverage on its mortgage loan offering to improve lives of fellow citizens, and its standing in the local market for mortgage loans.  We recognise that homeownership plays a vital role in helping to build strong, stable communities. Our doors are open to serve you and deliver roofs over your heads

A recent poll undertaken by the National Building Society/NBS revealed that inadequate access to finance for Small and Medium Enterprises/SMEs remains a barrier to their growth.  Against this background, NBS has taken the initiative to assist by unlocking financing with the introduction of an Invoice Discounting facility, tailored to SME requirements.   

Speaking about the benefits of NBS’ partnership and financing offerings for SMEs, including Invoice Discounting, Mr. Tapiwanashe Shoko, Chief Executive Officer of Unlimited Procurement, the manufacturers of the Dratel brand in the Zimbabwean market said,

“With NBS as the banking partner for our business, financial systems and cashflows have stabilised.  The relationship has helped to catapult our operations and steady our connection with stakeholders, especially suppliers and employees.  Through the growth we have achieved, we see ourselves exploiting the export market and helping the economy in raising our foreign currency earnings.”

The NBS Invoice Discounting facility has been well received in the market.  It was designed to enable SMEs to access cash from unpaid customer invoices, providing a flexible way to fund business operations.  Thus, as soon as an invoice is raised, funds are released in line with the amount of business.  This key benefit is pivotal to why SMEs are choosing NBS Invoice Discounting.

The NBS mandate to establish empowered communities was behind the decision to offer Invoice Discounting to SMEs in Zimbabwe.  Speaking more around this, the NBS Head of Marketing, Miss Mildret Kujinga, explained,

“NBS seeks to confront and address the financial challenges faced by SMEs in their day to day running of business. We have done our research as a Society and today we have a suite that offers disruptive financial solutions that will help SMEs grow.  Invoice Discounting is part of our product offering and it that takes care of the SMEs key business pillars, such as improving their liquidity position and providing financial literacy.  We have taken it upon ourselves to provide SMEs a home that will incubate their projects into becoming market leaders of this economy and beyond.”

To gain the benefits of NBS Invoice Discounting amongst an array of other advantages, Miss Kujinga offered some advice to SMEs in the country, and her sentiments were echoed by Dratel’s Mr. Shoko. “Choose NBS and be part of the beautiful story.  We are a reliable Building Society and a solid banking partner.  Thus, we extend an invitation to SMEs to Switch to NBS.”

A new year will not change anything, but a new mindset, new attitude and new habits will change everything. As we enter 2022, the National Building Society would like to challenge you to step out of your comfort zones, to renew your thinking and achieve set goals.

On the part of the Society, one of our goals for the new year goals is to delight clients with our service by enhancing every aspect of how we do business. As we push beyond boundaries, we are inviting corporates, NGOs, government, organisations, and individuals to switch to NBS and embark on a journey of seamless banking that will include putting roofs over your heads.

It is without a doubt that the new year can present some challenges.  However, the Society is there to help you meet your financial goals.  For individuals and businesses, we have an array of loans and facilities, such as personal loans, invoice discounting and order financing. Accessing financing from NBS can potentially be the bridge to reaching your personal and organisational ambitions for the year.  2022 is the year when big moves will be made, and the Society stands ready to facilitate these.

As you take the steps to replace the old way of thinking with a new approach, with NBS as your financial service partner, it will be a smooth transition.  Our Digital channel platforms provide secure and convenient means to allow you to make payments and other transactions from anywhere, at any time.  The Society understands that banking is a lifestyle, and we aim to deliver on things which make your life easier.  With us, living your best life is possible. 

With the dawn of a new year, the Society is determined to reach the apex of home financing in the market and in the hearts and minds of Zimbabweans. NBS remains committed to delivering on its mandate, improving the lives of fellow citizens, and contributing to the development of the country. The only way is up.  To our smart partners, here’s to a fruitful 2022 and to doing banking the NBS way!

THE National Building Society (NBS) kicked off its Christmas celebrations by giving back to the families of Zimbabweans who shaped the country’s music industry.

The Society’s recent engagement with the families of Zimbabwe’s music legends, Leonard Dembo and James Chimombe, both departed but whose legendary music still lives on, was part of its broader festive commemorations, dubbed the ‘Throw Back Festive Season’ campaign.

As part of the campaign, where tribute was paid to some of the country’s music icons, NBS handed over Christmas gifts to the Dembo and Chimombe families.

During the handover of the goods, NBS Head of Marketing, Ms Mildret Kujinga, said:

“We as NBS extend this token of appreciation to the Dembo and Chimombe families in honour of the amazing work of their fathers, legends of Zimbabwean music.

“Their legacy continues to inspire us, and their music lives on.”

For decades, Zimbabwe’s music legends have dug deep into their creative elements, not only to serenade us with exquisite lyrics and sounds, but through their music.  They have gone beyond to frame experiences, perceptions, and feelings that we would typically struggle to put into words. 

Yet some of Zimbabwe’s music legends have gone without the recognition they truly deserve.

“That is why the National Building Society has taken it upon itself to give appreciation to our music legends,” said Ms Kujinga.

NBS handed over Christmas gifts in honour of the country’s music legends.

Present to receive the gifts on behalf of their respective families were Tendai Chimombe, daughter of the illustrious icon, as well as Mrs Dembo and her son, Tendai Dembo.

“NBS employees had time to interact with the legends’ families. The families gave us rare insight into the lives they lived with their admired dads,” Ms Kujinga added.

One of those ‘admired dads’ was Leonard Dembo, also affectionately known as “Musoro we Nyoka”, who serenaded Zimbabweans with hits such as ‘Chitekete’ (1991), ‘Nzungu Ndamenya’ (1994) and ‘Shiri Yakangwara’ (1996), just to mention a few.

The legend’s son, Tendai Dembo, had nothing but positive words about his father:

“My dad was an icon. There can never be another Leonard Dembo. As I am also an artiste, I face the good and the bad…the good is that I ride on my father’s legacy, and it sort of opens doors as people still appreciate my father.

“The bad part is that I am always compared to my father. I’m an artiste, it’s a different journey. My dad did not emerge a star, he walked his journey. However, mine is a different journey, and I am still transitioning. As I am always compared, it can be disheartening at times.”

Tendai said he hopes to see corporates like NBS partnering with artistes to empower them with equipment, and also providing them with platforms to showcase their talent.

He added that Zimbabwe has incredible talent, but resources were few.

Leonard Dembo’s widow commended NBS for the gesture and spoke passionately about her loving husband, whom she referred to as “a loving husband and great dad.”

Having realized the challenges that Zimbabwe’s talented musicians go through, NBS is set to roll out a housing facility to serve the country’s artistes.

From our discussions with some of Zimbabwe’s’ artistes, we realized that there is a huge gap in terms of them not being able to own their own properties.

The daughter of the late music legend, James Chimombe, Tendai, said they would welcome help from NBS in terms of housing delivery for artistes who mostly do not have houses their own.

“My father was a good dad. I’m following in his footsteps and am also an artist in my own right, although in a slightly different genre from my dad. I would welcome help from NBS in terms of housing delivery for artistes like myself because most don’t have a roof of their own,” she said.

She anticipates a future with NBS, in view of their plans to launch a housing product for Zimbabwean artistes.

Ms Kujinga concluded:

“NBS intends to continue upholding the legacy of Zimbabwe’s music legends. Celebrating Christmas celebrations with their families is just but the beginning, where NBS will celebrate house ownership for artistes”

“As NBS we are happy to roll out the unique scheme that will ensure housing delivery for artists.”

NBS Is Second to None

The NBS Dzivarasekwa Housing Project is set to deliver 500 units in 2021

The National Building Society/NBS has achieved yet another milestone.  NBS has been shown to be second to none in terms of providing mortgage loans that facilitate homeownership to the citizens of our nation. Recent reports indicate that the Society has firmed up on its position to emerge as a leader in residential mortgage lending in Zimbabwe.

NBS’ rise in the market rankings has been built on steady growth in the provision and facilitation of affordable housing, anchored on its flagship mortgage loans. By making meaningful additions of new units to the national housing stock since its inception, NBS has contributed positively towards Government’s efforts to reduce the housing backlog, which is currently estimated at almost 1,5 million.

In 2016, NBS undertook its first housing project in Adelaide Park, Harare where 82 units were financed and completed by December that year. Following on from that achievement were several other housing projects that the Society was involved in, nationwide, including Stoneridge in Harare where 202 units were delivered, Woodbrooke in Bindura with 43 units, in Shurugwi 22 units built at Magakooshla and Amalinda in Harare with 60 units.

NBS looks forward to elevating its position in the provision of mortgage financing with the imminent delivery of 500 units through its Dzivarasekwa housing project. This massive project was initially embarked on as an offtake agreement with a private developer in 2017. Although some delays in implementation were experienced due to various reasons beyond the Society’s control, in October 2021, the project entered its final phase of construction. Thus, at the close of this year, the Dzivarasekwa development will be delivered to customers and key stakeholders, setting NBS firmly on the path to leadership in local mortgages space. 

Brick by brick, NBS is determined to reach the pinnacle of home financing in the country.  The Society will continue to leverage on its mortgage loan offering to meet the housing needs of Zimbabweans.  By remaining committed to its mandate, NBS aims to improve the country, the lives of fellow citizens, and the Society’s standing in the local market for mortgage loans.  The only way is up!

Committed to Digital Transformation

The National Building Society/NBS continues to record landmark achievements as it transitions to becoming a fully digitalised financial services institution. 

Through the introduction of Corporate Internet Banking (CIB), the power of a robust high-transaction processing solution has been delivered for the convenience of business clients. This user-friendly platform enables convenient management of bank accounts, including transfer of funds, making single and/or bulk payments, and providing access to statements from any location, at any time.  Furthermore, the CIB product augments the offering that NBS provides to clients in the business space, whether Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprises or Corporates. 

Speaking about the way NBS has contributed to their efforts to advance the Dratel brand in Zimbabwe, Tapiwanashe Shoko, CEO of Unlimited Procurement said,

“This relationship has helped us to catapult our business and stabilise our relationships with stakeholders, mainly our employees through the payment platforms that have enabled us to pay within 24 hours.  We have been very much appreciative of these products (from NBS), and we have seen a growth and stabilisation of our business.  We would like to encourage any SME in the country to consider switching to NBS.”

The launch of CIB is a reflection of the digital strategy that has been vigorously pursued since inception. NBS has remained focused on establishing a location-independent financial institution with omni-channels accessible to all clients on their digital gadgets, without the need to visit the physical branch network. Thus, today, NBS has an array of digital banking products and services, including Corporate Internet Banking.  These are available to individuals and businesses, through simple registration processes that give access to a secure and convenient self-care banking environment. 

Recognising the salience of emerging technologies, opportunities around sustainable innovations are being continually explored.  NBS is committed to transformation and innovation in our pursuit of Building Communities.

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

The journey is never ending. There’s always going to be growth, improvement, adversity; you just have to take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment. – Antonio Brown

The above statement speaks to us a Society and the road we have walked to be where we are today. On the 26th Of October we reached a milestone as we had our first dividend declaration.

This dividend which represents a pay-out ratio of 30% is being declared on the basis of solid financial performance to 30 June 2021, which has seen the Society achieve a surplus of ZWL$90.2 million and balance sheet growth of 125% to close at ZWL2.4billion.  This momentous milestone event has been reached within five years of operation and is a testimony of the solid growth path that your Society has taken within its relatively short period of existence. 

As we look down memory lane, naturally, we have had some teething problems.  But, with the great stewardship of our shareholder and a dedicated workforce, we have managed to sail through the tide, against all odds. The dividend payment demonstrates the Society’s undertaking to maintain good corporate governance and sustained existence into the long-term.

The strategic refocus that NBS has made in its business model over the past year is bearing fruit as we strive to create a compelling investment proposition for NSSA and key stakeholders.  We have made deliberate efforts to progress gradually and surely with what we have rather than risking the loss of everything for quick gains.  Hence, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

To date NBS has provided 636 housing units across the breadth of Zimbabwe.  During construction of the houses, massive employment opportunities have been created, thus contributing to economic growth.  The Society remains laser-focused on delivering four key projects namely, Dzivarasekwa Housing Project (Harare), Newmara (Mutare), Brundish (Chinhoyi) and Glaudina (Harare) within the coming year. In addition, the mortgages scheme project at Knockmalloch will be delivered and a total of 51 units will be completed.

With NBS there are no impossibilities but always a way to make things happen.  We are in pursuit of building communities and with us it will always end with a home.

The future in banking is here and its NBS- so Switch To NBS Today!!

Thursday the 1st of April 2021 started as a normal day for Charlotte Mupure and her family.  However, it didn’t end well for them after receiving a call that their home had caught fire. The situation was dire; they had lost their house and belongings.

Things started looking up for Charlotte after she was referred to the National Building Society by a friend who had benefited from a mortgage loan and was satisfied with the service experience. 

Encouraged by the advice, Charlotte pursued the matter and visited NBS’ JMN Nkomo branch in Bulawayo.  She was able to get a mortgage loan to rebuild her home.  Speaking about the experience, Charlotte said,

“I am now a firm believer of the statement that a problem shared is half solved.  After sharing my ordeal with a friend, they referred me to NBS where I got the financial assistance required to reconstruct my house.  Today tremendous progress has been made at the house and my family now has a roof over their head”.

Charlotte went on to add,

“After going through the trauma of losing your house and belongings the last thing one needs is to be frustrated by processes and unfriendly service providers, but with NBS I got the best service. The Branch Manager and Customer Service Manager walked with me throughout the entire process and worked tirelessly to ensure that my paperwork was approved, and funds availed on time”.

As NBS continues its drive to empower communities in Bulawayo and across the country, SME Value Chain Financing is being availed.  We have given several businesses in this important sector access to specialised banking products and services, including Order Financing and Corporate Internet Banking for convenient digital transacting. 

We spoke to Bradley Sibanda, an NBS SME client based in the City of Kings (and Queens):

“As an SME, I do not have a lot of employees, so most of the work I do on my own by multi-tasking.  Banking with NBS has given me an opportunity to bank-on-the-go through their Transcator App and their internet banking facility”.

“I have started to engage the bank for other services such as Order Financing and this looks promising.  I am extremely happy about this.  It will help grow our business as we will be able to take up larger orders knowing that NBS will assist with the finance to pay for the order.”

Started 5 years ago, the journey of growth is ongoing for NBS.  The impact is being felt in the market as initiatives are taken to deliver on the promise to foster established communities.  Delivery of the national mandate is definitely being realised throughout Zimbabwe. 

With NBS, it will end with a home, so Switch-To-NBS today!

It’s really the break of a new dawn for the vast majority of Zimbabweans.  There is renewed hope for our countrymen as NBS takes the lead and breathes life into their building communities’ mantra. Homeownership is indeed a key milestone that any citizen would love to achieve and, it seems the National Building Society has proven its sincerity. They have partnered Zimbabweans across the globe, at different societal segments, as evidenced by the many projects which can be aligned to value of money because they are quite affordable.

For Bindura residents, there is finally a glimmer of hope as we take a tour around Woodbrooke, one of many successful NBS housing delivery projects. We caught up with Mr. John Wilo, a mine worker and a beneficiary of the Woodbrooke housing project who could not hide his joy about how his life has been transformed by the Society.

Mr. Wilo took time to share his sentiments,

“I am grateful to my employer as well the building society for affording us a lifetime opportunity of owning homes.  I was handed over the green keys to my house in 2017, realising a dream that had long seemed impossible.  Now I feel empowered, and my family is secure.  I would love to thank NBS for making this possible and encourage the Society to do more right here in Bindura.”

In line with empowering communities, NBS intends to go a step further by availing an SME Value Chain Financing scheme to Bindura residents. This will entail giving SMEs access to specialised banking products and services, such as invoice discounting facilities and Point of Sale/POS devices. The scheme is a gesture demonstrating NBS’ recognition of the significant role that SMEs play in the economy and in building our nation.

It has been a journey indeed for NBS, the young giant society which has been in the market for only 5 years and is making waves and delivering the promise of fostering established communities. It seems, the national mandate is truly being delivered across the country.

With NBS, it will end with a home, so Switch-To-NBS today!