It’s really the break of a new dawn for the vast majority of Zimbabweans.  There is renewed hope for our countrymen as NBS takes the lead and breathes life into their building communities’ mantra. Homeownership is indeed a key milestone that any citizen would love to achieve and, it seems the National Building Society has proven its sincerity. They have partnered Zimbabweans across the globe, at different societal segments, as evidenced by the many projects which can be aligned to value of money because they are quite affordable.

For Bindura residents, there is finally a glimmer of hope as we take a tour around Woodbrooke, one of many successful NBS housing delivery projects. We caught up with Mr. John Wilo, a mine worker and a beneficiary of the Woodbrooke housing project who could not hide his joy about how his life has been transformed by the Society.

Mr. Wilo took time to share his sentiments,

“I am grateful to my employer as well the building society for affording us a lifetime opportunity of owning homes.  I was handed over the green keys to my house in 2017, realising a dream that had long seemed impossible.  Now I feel empowered, and my family is secure.  I would love to thank NBS for making this possible and encourage the Society to do more right here in Bindura.”

In line with empowering communities, NBS intends to go a step further by availing an SME Value Chain Financing scheme to Bindura residents. This will entail giving SMEs access to specialised banking products and services, such as invoice discounting facilities and Point of Sale/POS devices. The scheme is a gesture demonstrating NBS’ recognition of the significant role that SMEs play in the economy and in building our nation.

It has been a journey indeed for NBS, the young giant society which has been in the market for only 5 years and is making waves and delivering the promise of fostering established communities. It seems, the national mandate is truly being delivered across the country.

With NBS, it will end with a home, so Switch-To-NBS today!