A very good afternoon to you all.

Today, we at the National Building Society (NBS) are excited to introduce NBS Instant Cash to the world!

This Is a local remittance service, that enables anyone to send and receive foreign currency across the country through our branch network.  NBS Instant Cash is a service available to everyone and anyone in Zimbabwe, whether they are an existing NBS client or not.  Thus, it is a product for the people; for breadwinners, beneficiaries such as wives and children, citizens in the diaspora (especially for collection of property rentals), couples and citizens at large.  Organisations, particularly informal sector businesses, SMEs, and churches, can also take advantage of the service to send and receive forex across Zimbabwe.

The benefits of NBS Instant Cash are numerous. 

While there are other local foreign currency remittance services in the market, NBS recognised that the ordinary man in the street still faces challenges when sending and receiving forex.  Use of very risky channels remains high, such as requesting travellers to collect or deliver forex on one’s behalf.  Therefore, NBS took up the challenge to create and finetune a service that opens doors to everyone to send and receive forex across Zimbabwe.  Since commencing operations in 2016, NBS has continued to innovate and grow by responding to the needs of the market.  Based on these insights, we are sure that the introduction of NBS Instant Cash will make a smashing entrance on the market and cater to the lifestyle demands of the ordinary Zimbabwean.

I thank you.