A new year will not change anything, but a new mindset, new attitude and new habits will change everything. As we enter 2022, the National Building Society would like to challenge you to step out of your comfort zones, to renew your thinking and achieve set goals.

On the part of the Society, one of our goals for the new year goals is to delight clients with our service by enhancing every aspect of how we do business. As we push beyond boundaries, we are inviting corporates, NGOs, government, organisations, and individuals to switch to NBS and embark on a journey of seamless banking that will include putting roofs over your heads.

It is without a doubt that the new year can present some challenges.  However, the Society is there to help you meet your financial goals.  For individuals and businesses, we have an array of loans and facilities, such as personal loans, invoice discounting and order financing. Accessing financing from NBS can potentially be the bridge to reaching your personal and organisational ambitions for the year.  2022 is the year when big moves will be made, and the Society stands ready to facilitate these.

As you take the steps to replace the old way of thinking with a new approach, with NBS as your financial service partner, it will be a smooth transition.  Our Digital channel platforms provide secure and convenient means to allow you to make payments and other transactions from anywhere, at any time.  The Society understands that banking is a lifestyle, and we aim to deliver on things which make your life easier.  With us, living your best life is possible. 

With the dawn of a new year, the Society is determined to reach the apex of home financing in the market and in the hearts and minds of Zimbabweans. NBS remains committed to delivering on its mandate, improving the lives of fellow citizens, and contributing to the development of the country. The only way is up.  To our smart partners, here’s to a fruitful 2022 and to doing banking the NBS way!