It is here; our exciting and improved NBS Hospital Cash plan (HCP)!

What is it?

This insurance package provides financial relief and peace of mind when one is hospitalized.

NBS account holders (employees and customers) can benefit from a USD cash payout when hospitalized following illness or an accident. 

In collaboration with Champions Insurance, the NBS HCP has been specifically designed to provide a lump sum cash payout upon hospitalization which is calculated daily and paid out to the insured person for the number of days spent in the hospital. 

What are the benefits?

The stress and anxiety that come with being admitted into the hospital is eased, knowing that for as little as USD1 per month, USD100 will be paid for each day spent in the hospital after the first 48 hours of admission.

You also get to:

  1. Use the daily cash payout as you wish, for example, for medical shortfalls.
  2. Register an unlimited number of dependants at any time, as long as you can afford it.
  3. Select the required daily hospital benefit for himself/herself and the registered dependants.

Having The Hospital Cash Plan will enable you to keep a healthy body and a healthy wallet!