We are pleased to advise the introduction of our NBS Funeral Cash Plan (FCP).  This insurance product gives peace of mind by providing an immediate lump sum cash payout upon the death of a beneficiary. 

You can get USD1,000 tax-free paid out within 24 hours of notifying us of the death of a beneficiary, irrespective of the cause of death.  What’s more, there are no restrictions on how you use the money, for example, to buy groceries, to cover hospital bills, to purchase a tombstone or to pay school fees and rentals.

The launch of our NBS FCP is set to empower people to prepare for the future, whether you are an NBS client or non-account holder.  There are no medical requirements to be met to sign-up for this product, which is offered in partnership with Fidelity Life Assurance.  Cover starts from USD1 per month, per person and it is instant, upon payment of premiums. 

The product is also flexible, offering beneficiaries the option to get Funeral Services from Fidelity Life Funeral Services, at affordable rates, in lieu of the cash payout.  In addition, when needed, there is a grace period for non-payment of premiums.

The NBS FCP empowers by preparing for life’s eventualities.