Prepare for Tomorrow with the NBS Funeral Cash Plan (FCP)

We are pleased to advise that NBS has introduced the Funeral Cash Plan, in partnership with Fidelity Life Assurance. This arrangement provides an immediate lump sum payout in cash upon the death of a member.  Paid-out funds can be used to meet the many expenses that arise when there is loss of life.   All NBS clients as well as non-account holders can join and there are no medical requirements to be met.

FCP Premiums

The table below shows the premium/amount to be paid by different categories of individuals to benefit from FCP cover:

Lump Sum Payout AmountMonthly Premium per person and per benefit
AdultChildSenior Citizen (Aged Between 65 & 75)
  • Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Cover is in multiples of US1 per US1,000 cover and it is instant upon payment of premiums.
  • An original Burial Order or letter from NBS is required to process the claim.
  • The benefit is paid as a tax-free lump-sum, within 24 hours after notification.

Benefits of the FCP:

  • Get peace of mind knowing that your family and loved ones have financial protection when death befalls. 
  • FCP pricing is affordable and competitive.
  • The lumpsum cash payout is made irrespective of the member’s cause of death.
  • There is no restriction on how you use the paid-out cash, for example, to pay school fees, rentals, or hospital expenses.
  • In lieu of the cash payout, beneficiaries can opt to get Funeral Services from Fidelity Life Funeral Services, at affordable rates.
  • You can get a grace period of two months for non-payment of premiums after which the policy will lapse.

Sign-up for the NBS FCP and empower yourself by preparing for life’s eventualities. 


Yes, all children up to age 18 or 23 if they are undergoing formal tertiary education.
Adult dependents in the nuclear family may also be covered in the policy.

It is a pay as you go policy.

Cover is immediate upon payment of first premium.

There is instant access to benefits upon death.

Fill in a claim form, attach a burial order/death certificate and submit to any NBS Branch.

The policy will lapse after two consecutive months without paying premiums.

Benefits will be paid/transferred into the beneficiary’s bank account.

Funeral services will be provided by Fidelity Funeral Services up to the sum assured.

This is a USD policy and benefits will be paid in USD.