Chiredzi Branch

Summary of Key Duties and Responsibilities:

To assign and direct all work performed in the branch and to supervise all
areas of operation. To manage staff, foster a positive environment and
ensure customer satisfaction and proper branch operation. To have a handson
approach and be committed to the expansion and success of the business
by implementing strategies that increase productivity and enable sales
targets achievement.

Thursday the 1st of April 2021 started as a normal day for Charlotte Mupure and her family.  However, it didn’t end well for them after receiving a call that their home had caught fire. The situation was dire; they had lost their house and belongings.

Things started looking up for Charlotte after she was referred to the National Building Society by a friend who had benefited from a mortgage loan and was satisfied with the service experience. 

Encouraged by the advice, Charlotte pursued the matter and visited NBS’ JMN Nkomo branch in Bulawayo.  She was able to get a mortgage loan to rebuild her home.  Speaking about the experience, Charlotte said,

“I am now a firm believer of the statement that a problem shared is half solved.  After sharing my ordeal with a friend, they referred me to NBS where I got the financial assistance required to reconstruct my house.  Today tremendous progress has been made at the house and my family now has a roof over their head”.

Charlotte went on to add,

“After going through the trauma of losing your house and belongings the last thing one needs is to be frustrated by processes and unfriendly service providers, but with NBS I got the best service. The Branch Manager and Customer Service Manager walked with me throughout the entire process and worked tirelessly to ensure that my paperwork was approved, and funds availed on time”.

As NBS continues its drive to empower communities in Bulawayo and across the country, SME Value Chain Financing is being availed.  We have given several businesses in this important sector access to specialised banking products and services, including Order Financing and Corporate Internet Banking for convenient digital transacting. 

We spoke to Bradley Sibanda, an NBS SME client based in the City of Kings (and Queens):

“As an SME, I do not have a lot of employees, so most of the work I do on my own by multi-tasking.  Banking with NBS has given me an opportunity to bank-on-the-go through their Transcator App and their internet banking facility”.

“I have started to engage the bank for other services such as Order Financing and this looks promising.  I am extremely happy about this.  It will help grow our business as we will be able to take up larger orders knowing that NBS will assist with the finance to pay for the order.”

Started 5 years ago, the journey of growth is ongoing for NBS.  The impact is being felt in the market as initiatives are taken to deliver on the promise to foster established communities.  Delivery of the national mandate is definitely being realised throughout Zimbabwe. 

With NBS, it will end with a home, so Switch-To-NBS today!

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