What you need to know?

Investing back home and becoming an NBS client can be as easy as ABC. Here is what you need to know and the products available to you.

Who is the diaspora client?

A diaspora client is a non-resident Zimbabwean who would like to enjoy the banking services and products offered by NBS. These services include access to a wide array of banking products such as transactional and savings accounts, insurance services and mortgage finance.

What can we do for you as a diaspora client?

We have a variety of affordable mortgage products available to you for investment. These include outright purchases of property, building and home improvement finance in the high to medium density areas. Our interest rates on mortgages range from 9.5% - 11.5% with a repayment tenure of up to 25years.

Can I start saving for a mortgage while abroad?

Yes you can start saving for your 15% deposit on mortgage loans while abroad through our Access Save and Subscription savings accounts. These accounts are designed to promote a culture of saving in clients who wish to save for a particular goal such as mortgage loan. Interest rates on these accounts are on a sliding scale from 2.5% - 4.5% per annum depending on the period of savings.

What is the process for applying for a mortgage?

The first step towards applying for a mortgage is to become an NBS client through any of the transactional and savings accounts i.e  Easy Transact, Access Save  and Subscription accounts. You will then be required to provide your proof of income details and basic expenses such as rentals (if any). You will then be appraised and advised on the loan amount that you qualify for. This process will enable you to plan properly and make decisions on the best property investment to suit your budget.

For outright purchases of property, you will be required to send through the details and paperwork for vetting and processing provided the property in question has title deeds. For building and home improvement loan, title deeds for the property will also be required before the loan processing.

Some of the required documents include:

  1. Copy of Zimbabwean passport with a valid work permit
  2. Copy of recent utility bill or letter from employer confirming residential address
  3. Letter fom employer stating terms of employment, income and retirement age
  4. 3 recent pay slips
  5. 6 months latest certified salary on a bank statement
  6. Draft sales agreement/offer letter/ title deeds (in the of building or home improvement loans)
  7. Evedence of deposit or downpayment (in the case of out right purchases)

Download Mortgage Application Form

Download Application for a Personal Account

Download Form to Register on NBS Internet & Mobile Banking


Business Conditions

  • Deposit 0%
  • Interest Rate 6% per annum


Diaspora Banking FAQs

1.  Who qualifies for a diaspora mortgage?

Any Zimbabwean citizen who is legally resident and gainfully employed outside of Zimbabwe.

2.  How can one open and access a diaspora mortgage?

The applicant must have an active NBS bank account from which installments will be deducted.

3.  How does one open an account with NBS whilst in the diaspora?

STEP 1-The applicant must download all the forms online or via email 

STEP 2-Applicant must complete the full set of forms and return the original forms by courier accompanied by a Notarized copy 

of valid passport; Stamped bank reference on the bank letterhead; Proof of residence in the country of residence; Credit reference report; One recent passport size photograph (3 months); Proof of income (Pay slip or bank statement); Completed Account Opening Form; Completed Mandate Card form; General Power of Attorney plus KYC documentation for the appointee; Completed Internet Banking Form (Where applicable)

STEP 3-Application forms are couriered to NBS (an account will be opened within hours after receipt of the required documents)

STEP 4 - Once the account is opened, a welcome letter is sent to the customer advising of their account number by email.

STEP  5 - Customer makes the initial deposit within 15 days of account opening. Initial Deposit can be done through telegraphic transfer or send somebody who is in Zimbabwe to make the payment

4.  What is the maximum period I can qualify for? 

If you are a permanent resident you can qualify for a maximum tenure of 25 years. Your maximum qualification period is determined by your tenure of work.

5.  What is the minimum and maximum loan amount I can access?

You can access a minimum loan amount of $10,000 and maximum of $200,000

6.  Does NBS require a financial contribution from me?

Yes, NBS requires the following contributions from you as a borrower

  • A minimum 25% cash deposit as commitment / contribution
  • An estimated 10% to 13% of purchase price Legal fees 10% to 13% of purchase price

7.  What happens when my property is damaged?

The good news is your property is insured against damages through a Home Owners Comprehensive Insurance Scheme

8.  How do I apply for a mortgage?

You need to pay a non-refundable application fee GBP 100.00 or equivalent

Submit a completed mortgage application form and the relevant documentation

9.  How long does it take to approve?

It will take NBS 21 days to approve a mortgage from the receipt of a fully compliant application form

10.  How do I repay the mortgage?

Mortgage repayments will be sent through our money transfer agent World Remit

For more information please contact us on :

  • Mortgages department   00263 4 700042/89/92
  • Samora Machel Branch   00263 4 770480/83
  • JMN Nkomo Branch       00263 9 71227/23/24