1. Where do I get the mortgage application forms?

Answer: You can get download the forms from our website or collect them from the nearest NBS branch.

2. Who qualifies to apply for NBS mortgage loans?

Answer: Civil servants, private sector employees, informal sector and employees of State Owned Enterprises.

3. Do you have age limit for one to access a mortgage?

Answer: Maximum mortgage tenor is the difference between current age (years) and retirement age 60-65 years

4. How long does it take to get a mortgage loan?

Answer: The mortgage process to approval and offer letter stage takes 14 working days

5. Does the Society finance payment of legal fees for customers?

Answer: The borrower has an obligation to pay their own legal fees

6. Where are NBS branches located?

Answer: 58 Samora Machel Avenue Harare

7. How can I become an NBS employee?

Answer: As career opportunities become available, we will ensure that all potential candidates get a fair chance; through advertising internally to give existing employees a chance to grow and subsequently advertise externally to allow new members to join our team.

8. What do I do when my NBS card is lost or stolen?

Answer: To report a lost or stolen Card, please contact NBS immediately on +263 700032, You can also use our contact form