The Rise of Retail-Driven Agency Banking : NBS InstaPoint

Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 14:15

The banking sector in Zimbabwe is complex, competitive and fast-paced. Banks are faced with the challenge of having to re-strategise and recalibrate constantly. We are not an exception. Technology is setting a pace and as the famous saying goes, companies need to “innovate or die”. The one thing that separates a good bank and a great bank has become agility. At National Building Society, our motivation for moving with the times is more on providing convenience and ease of access to our customers more than it is trying to keep up with the change. As such, in our youthfulness (We celebrated our first birthday on the 18th of  May so we haven’t even started walking!), we have matured enough to understand that we should not stop formulating strategies and looking for ways to make banking or accessing a mortgage loan as easy as can be. That is why we have a new wonderful service: The InstaPoint.

The InstaPoint is an agent who offers agency banking services through their retail outlet. We have partnered with various retailers who are looking to diversify the services they provide and help their clientele and the general public access their funds easier. The NBS InstaPoints complements our branch and electronic banking channels while at the same time reducing the cost of serving customers therefore making our services more affordable. 

To complement this innovative banking model, we have also introduced a special no-frills free banking account which you can open instantly at an NBS InstaPoint . The account, aptly named the InstaSave Account requires an initial deposit of only $3 and a copy of the client’s National ID. Transactions can be done immediately after opening the account. The best part is with this account; one can have a minimum balance of zero dollars. The account requires no monthly service fees, no minimum monthly salary required and SMS alerts for all transactions. It is truly instant saving! The convenience, reliability and most importantly affordability of this service is truly a gamechanger. It is #EasyASNBS.

For more information on the InstaPoint, please download the brochure here.